Dear friends who stroll into my website, first of all, WELCOME!
What awful times these are for us all.
Can we hope that it will now slowly, slowly turn?
I try to. I keep practicing, learning and repeating roles to keep them fresh.
And am very grateful to be healthy and with things to look forward to.

I am now in Lille to sing a concert (that will be streamed, no audience!) with Orchestre National de Lille and Dalia Stasevska. Treasuring every moment! Travelling now has to be done with great care, but it is fantastic to meet colleagues and make music again. Very grateful to the houses and orchestras that work so hard to make things happen against all odds.

Keep safe, keep healthy and hold on to hope!


Isolde Liebestod with ON Lille, France 3 April 2021


Siegfried, Göteborgsoperan 2020 was streamed until 31 March 2020


"Ingela Brimberg's dramatic soprano flames between light and darkness, through phases of love and doubt. They wrestle with their expectations and their awkwardness before uniting in jubilant lust. It is very human. But they sing like gods. (Svenska Dagbladet)


Clip from Verbier Festival concert 2017, Chrysothemis in Elektra


Ring Trilogie Vienna 2017: Brünnhilde evening. 


Fliegende Holländer (Paris Version) in Caens 2017